BinaryTiers provides a complete web development environment, including all the tools that make common web development tasks easier out of the box. Some of the fundamental tools and features built-in BinaryTiers include:
  • Forms validation system architecture
  • Abstract Publishing Architecture with built-in categorization and content translation
  • User account registration and maintenance
  • Menu management and friendly URLs
  • RSS-feed aggregation and syndication
  • System administration and web interface for the GNU C++ compilers
  • Coherent programming interface for No-SQL data stores as well as relational databases with Redis and MySQL
  • Template System and easy page layout customization
  • Modular design that provides high extensibility
  • High Speed HTTP Communication (Get, Post, Cookies, Files)
  • Built-in Encoding and Encryption functions
  • Multiplatform: Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows
Architecture Pattern
BinaryTiers is an efficient C++ web application framework that implements the Model View Controller architecture pattern:

Models encapsulate the business logic and the data objects of your web application, in BinaryTiers models are normally backed by a data store. Models can be easily extended and they permit and independent development, testing and maintenance.

The View is composed of "themes" that are responsible for providing appropriate representations of your application interface. Themes are CPP files with embedded HTML.

The Controllers are responsible for handling incoming HTTP requests and send the response. This response can be processed by the View, or sent directly to the output in order to generate XML, JSON, etc. Controllers can provide a direct response or a pre-processed response, commonly used in form validations.
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