As a result of the new Internet paradigm where sites are highly dynamic and information flows constantly an increasing number of professional developers is seeking for alternatives to interpreted languages in developing web applications. BinaryTiers become the leading choice offering a number of compelling advantages:
BinaryTiers is designed with scalability and high availability in mind. Seamlessly integrates with the Virtual Server Architecture and CDN. Your entire web application live in a single portable executable, simplifying replication tasks.
BinaryTiers outputs the HTML code directly to the HTTP output without any post processing, supporting binary output using Deflate and GZip. Even though MySQL is also supported. Content and settings are stored in a Redis data store, making the data access even faster.
Avoid security holes of other interpreted languages like PHP, Ruby, etc. Keep your privacy when your application is distributed across the network since your code is always compiled. With BinaryTiers you have absolute control of any client/server communication.
Easy to install, there are very few dependencies. Common web application tasks are built-in, simplifying the web development. BinaryTiers is based on functional programming rather than complicated classes and inheritances, making the entire development process more productive.
Your web application is written in efficient code that is processed by the web server CPU. The high performance of C++ is still unmatched by other modern languages like Java or Go. BinaryTiers performs everything faster, providing always a faster response.
Open Source
BinaryTiers is developed by Uselabs and is an open source project so we welcome contributors from the community. If you find bugs, mistakes, or inconsistencies in the BinaryTiers project's code or documentation, please let us know by posting a new issue on our issue tracker. The best way to contribute to BinaryTiers is to fork the project and send us a pull request.
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